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“SPECK PUMPS” BADU Jet Turbo Pro Swim Against The Current Systems

  • For above ground pool
  • Simple operation with 4-way multiport valve
  • Durable top mount plastic filter tank

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BADU Jet Stella

  • The most powerful under the BADU Jet overhang counter swim units.
  • Suitable for installation in existing pool
  • With two adjustable flow and direction control nozzles
  • Integrated LED lighting in which or multicolor


BADU Jet Super Sport

  • Swim Against The Current Systems Made In Germany
  • Water volume control knob adjusts force of water leaving jet nozzles
  • Light (ON/OFF) pneumatic button turns low voltage light ON/OFF
  • Pump (NO/OFF) pneumatic button guarantees complete separation between pool water and pump motor control
  • Air regulator controls amount of air bubbles in water flow
  • Control box with GFCI pneumatic button and tubing
  • Speck 4.0 HP self-priming plastic pump. UL Listed
  • Perfect for in-ground & above ground pools (Commercial & Residential)


BADU Stream

  • The BADU Stream can be used as a single, double or triple jet system with one or two pumps
  • Each BADU Stream jet is a flush mounted anti-entrapment combination fitting in its own housing
  • Options include a therapeutic pulsating massage house, perfect for relaxing after a workout


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