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AquaBike Easy Line

  • innovatively designed for ergonomic positioning, and crafted for optimum performance
  • made of marine stainless steel
  • Easy to use, Easy to handle and Easy to storage
  • It can be stored or left on the pool deck or in the water
  • The weight balancing and the steady bases make it a very stable and safe equipment

AquaBike Easy Line

  • made of 308 rolls that are rotating over flexible shock absorbing supports
  • no mechanic resistance nor motor moving the rolls
  • The user has to move actively the legs impressing a force/movement toward the back contrasting the water resistance while the foot is sliding over the rolls, and again back to the front
  • recalling the leg and starting a new step with the other leg


  • a professional trampoline produced with excellent materials, starting from the 316L stainless steel frame, and with an innovating design specifically conceived for pool facilities
  • This equipment allows you to enjoy the multiple benefits of water exercise, combined with coordination and fun

Fow AquaFitness Mat

  • floating and rigid inflatable board with an anti-slip surface that ensures the maximum stability
  • Suitable for athletes, beginners and kids
  • Chart your own course thru Fitness, Yoga, Pilates on water
  • Similar to a surfboard

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