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“EMAUX” CLEANTOP Series Pool Cleaning Tools Stylish Design And Excellent Quality

  • Stylish design and excellent quality
  • Maintenance kits for pool service

“EMAUX” Salinity Meter

  • control the main parameters of the pool water
  • refill package is available

“EMAUX” Salinity Meter

  • Simple to use, economical pen type meter
  • Designed for the pool professional for testing salt level in pools using salt chlorinator
  • Dipped into pool water to get instant measurements from a range of 0 to 70 ppt (0 – 70,000ppm) and temperature from 0 – 50°c.

Chemical Dispenser

  • Made of high-grade ABS material
  • Distributes chemical to pool water without harming the filtration equipment
  • Keeps the pool healthy for swimmers
  • Required to insert chemical tablets

Plastic Flex Premium Vacuum Hoses

  • Heavy-duty usage for professional pool cleaner
  • User-friendly swivel cuffs for easy operation
  • Superior quality EVA material provides an excellent resistant to abrasion and long-term UV exposure

Premium Vacuum Heads

  • Heavy-duty usage and flexible
  • Available in 2 sizes : 14 and 19 inches

Standard Cleaning Tools

  • Maintenance kits for pool service



  • Measure Pool Temperature
  • Floating Thermometer with String
  • Easy to use

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