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Zelbrite for Outstanding Swimming Pool Filtration

What is Zelbrite ? 

Zelbrite is an advanced filtration material that outperforms the traditional pool filtration mediums of sand and Diatomaceous Earth. It is manufactured from zeolitic material which is formed as a result of volcanic activity. There are a range of different zeolitic materials produced with varying properties.
The key active ingredient in Zelbrite is the mineral clinoptilolite. Clinoptilolite has a proven scientific track record in water treatment and Zelbrite now brings these advanced filtration features which produce superior water quality and economic benefits, to the pool and spa industries.
Zelbrite Pool Filter Media

Product Features

  • Zelbrite comes from a naturally formed volcanic rock which mined at Werris Creek in Northen N.S.W. Australia
  • Filters water down to 2-3 micron, resulting in crystal clear water
  • Removes ammonia from pool, reduces odour and enhance chlorine performance
  • No more burning eyes
  • Extends plate life of salt water chlorinators
  • Zelbrite will give you 8 – 10 years lifetime
  • Because of its greater surface are you will not have to backwash as often – on average twice as long between backwashing therefore saving water – up to 50%
  • Zelbrite can be clean (Regeneration) by add in a bag of salt into the filter and leave it for 1 night then the next morning backwashing the filter 3 times
Zelbrite Particles
Zeolite vs Sand

How Zelbrite works ?

Zelbrite is manufactured to exacting standards from natural zeolitic material sourced from our mine at Werris Creek in New South Wales. This natural material was formed over 300 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity in the vicinity of a large freshwater lake. Over the passage of geological time, this material was overlain by hundreds of meters of other material giving rise to a zeolitic material of exceptional hardness and durability. In fact, a material exceptionally suited to “filtration” applications.
The active ingredient of the zeolite is “clinoptilolite”, a mineral with very special properties. These include an exceptionally high surface area, an infinitely extending three-dimensional cage-like structure with large internal pore spaces, and the ability to chemically capture pollutants by a mechanism called “cation-exchange”.

3 Mechanisms in 1 Filtration

Physical Filtration + Surface Adsorption + Chemical Capture
These properties enable three mechanisms to interact to produce superior filtration.
First there is physical capture between particles as occurs in conventional sand filtration. Secondly there is capture of pollutants onto the very extensive surface area of Zelbrite by adsorption. Chemical pollutants such as ammonia are captured by the third mechanism of cation exchange.
The result these three mechanisms working together is superior water quality not matched by traditional methods of pool filtration.
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Choose Zelbrite - The Best Filtration Medium

Zelbrite vs Sand Filter vs Diatomaceous Earth
Medium Zelbrite Sand Filter
Diatomaceous Earth
Character "Zelbrite" used continuously for many years Sand used continuously for many years Diatomaceous Earth replaced after every backwash
Filtration Efficiency Excellent Good Excellent
Filters To 2-3 microns 15 microns 5 microns
Multiple Mechanisms    
Removes Ammonia    
Reduces Chloramines    
Convenience Excellent
Simple backwash
Simple backwash
Not so convenient
Backwash to also remove unused DE
Operating Cost Low
remove unused DE Operating Cost as virtually permanent medium *
as virtually permanent medium
requires regular replacement of DE
*Additional operating advantages of Less backwashing (water saving approx 30%) Less power Less pool chemicals

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