Ozone Swim
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The healthy, environmentally friendly solution

Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidizer that is a powerful sanitizing agent and is used throughout many industries to purify air and water. Ozone Swim combines patented corona discharge technology with a premium mineral/salt chlorination system. Therefore it effectively sanitizes, purifies and reduces maintenance – resulting in therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water.
Ozone Swim

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Easy on the Eye and Skin

Traditional chlorine based sanitation systems have no way of destroying harmful chloramines (chlorine by product). Ozone actively targets and breaks down chloramines therefore eliminating red eyes and itchy skin.

Save Time, Money & Maintenance 

Ozone Swim enhances water balance and stabilizes pH therefore requiring less chemicals. This reduces time, effort and ongoing costs related to maintaining healthy pool water.

Healthier Pool Water

Ozone adds a powerful boost to your existing filtration and sanitation system. The same Ozone technology purifies 90% of the world’s bottled drinking water.

Sensitive & Safe Sanitation

Ozone Swim pools are safe for people that suffer from allergies, Asthma and Eczema Ozone actively targets and destroys the irritant – chloramines.

Crystal Clear & Odor-Free

Ozone is a natural flocculant that consistently combines impurities into solids so they can be filtered out. The water is odor-free as Ozone destroys the strong smell from chloramines.

Fast Fact

Chloramines are the by-product of the chlorine sanitation process. Chloramines are the substance that causes unpleasant eye, skin and nose irritation as well as breathing difficulties.
“There’s no awful smelly chlorine residue and my kids never get sore eyes, no matter how long they swim.”

How does Ozone Swim work ?

Ozone Swim systems use patent pending Corona Discharge technology to produce Ozone (Triatomic Oxygen – O3). Many people misunderstand what is Ozone. The simple answer is that Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidizer that protects our planet in the atmosphere and is used widely to sanitize both air and water. If you drink bottled water, odds are it was sanitized with Ozone.
How does Ozone Swim works ?
Ozone generated from the Ozone Swim units do the majority of sanitizing work in your pool, reducing chlorine demand by up to 80% while leaving you with clear, clean and odor free pool water.
Ozone effectively neutralizes any organic contaminant instantly and reverts back to oxygen by the time your water returns to the pool body. Ozone Swim leaves you with noticeably softer water that is also safe and hygienic.
“I encourage pool owners to provide their families with the healthiest pool water possible using an Ozone Swim purification system.”
10 Reasons Customers Love Ozone Swim

Exceptional Pool Purification

Ozone to Oxygen purification for the
cleanest and softest pool water

Less Chlorine

Ozone Swim is 3,500 times faster at
killing bacteria than traditional systems

Crystal Clear Water

Without harsh chemicals
or chlorine smell

Destroys chlorine by-product

Chloramines/Combined chlorine is
responsible for odour and irritation

Perfect for eczema, psoriasis,
asthma & other allergies

No itchy skin or red eyes, even
without goggles

Compatible for all pool types

Easy to install in a new or existing
salt, chlorine or mineral pool

Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty

On Ozone Swim Corona Discharge cell

Australian Made

Preferred choice for Australia’s
leading Learn to Swim schools
and Aquatic Centres

Aordable, Easy Maintenance

Safe, non-toxic solution for around
the same price as a traditional
chlorine system

Prolongs equipment & salt cell life

Ozone Swim does up to 80% of
pool water purification
5.0 ratings from customers
Ozone Swim Awards

Getting the most out of your Ozone Swim

Fusion Series

Fusion Series 1000/2000/3000

Designed to replace existing sanitation systems, benefitting from both mineral chlorination and ozone purification.

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