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The Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Easy Line has been created to give to fitness centres, recreation clubs, wellness-Spa centres and private pools the possibility to introduce aquatic running and walking into their facilities with the design and quality that distinguish Hydrorider products at a reasonable price.

Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Easy Line Recommended for Home

The Hydrorider AquaTreadmill platform is made of 308 rolls that are rotating over flexible shock absorbing supports. There is no mechanic resistance nor motor moving the rolls. The user has to move actively the legs impressing a force/movement toward the back contrasting the water resistance while the foot is sliding over the rolls, and again back to the front recalling the leg and starting a new step with the other leg.


The Shock Absorbing Running Platform guarantees an optimal fluency, and a stress free workout, also carries out an effective massage to the soles, activate the peripheral circulation stimulating the nerve endings.

2308 Rolls

Rotating over flexible shock absorbing supports – Enable the natural and autonomous movement of both legs, allowing the user to move in respect with the body biomechatronics.


Bases are covered with double anti skid rubber protection for better floor adhesion and protection. Safe on all types of pool floors, ceramic, mosaic, and PVC.


Easily moves the treadmill in and out from the swimming pool with no risk.


Easy to store. The treadmill is foldable and very easy to store out of the swimming pool.
Absolutely fantastic. Don’t change anything, so much fun!

See it in action

The AquaTreadmill Hydrorider Easy Line is a multipurpose piece of equipment perfect for group exercise, circuit training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, personal training and athletic training.

Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Advantages

  • Attracts the attention of many clients types across all age groups, and helps facilities to increase customer base
  • Suitable for Circuit Training programs such as “Aquathriatlon” and “Run and Box”
  • Offers the possibility to give to the clienteles different options like Cardio Station, Personal Training, Rehabilitation and Aquafitness
  • Its simplified structure makes it a low to no maintenance piece of equipment
  • Adjustable inclination at three levels
  • Suitable for alternate groups; for example 10 AquaTreadmills can be used by 30 people alternating during the same training program

Technical Data

Specification  AquaBike Easy Line AquaBike Professional
Type of use Private Professional (recommended for Residential, Hospitality and Institutional projects)
Material - Structure: Marine Stainless Steel AISI 316L/ rust proof - Platform: Acetal Copolymer - Bases: Double anti skid rubber protection - Structure: Marine Stainless Steel AISI 316L/ rust proof
- Platform: Acetal Copolymer
- Bases: Double anti skid rubber protection
Weight 32 kg 36 kg
Dimensions 120 cm 
80 cm
130 cm
130 cm
78 cm
140 cm
Recommended Pool Depth 100 - 150 cm 100 - 150 cm
Installation The Hydrorider equipment does not require any specific installation procedure. The equipment is very easy to assemble and set up.
Type of Floor The equipment is safe on all type of floor: ceramic, mosaic, PVC ...
Maintenance The equipment does not required any special care. We recommend to periodically check the conditions of the spare parts.
Special recommendations The equipment can be used in thermal, salt and mineral rich waters. In this case, it is recommended to rinse the bikes with fresh water and towel dry them when taken out of the pool, and periodically use a stainless steel cleaning solution to help prevent deposit of metals or chemicals


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