Harvia HGX Steam Generator

All you need for your spa from one manufacturer

Harvia HGX is an oasis of relaxation and good feeling

Harvia HGX is a compact, yet efficient steam generator for private and spa use. The main design principles have been reliability, trouble-free operation and the relaxing steam bath experience.
Harvia HGX Steam Generator
Let the humid heat pamper your senses and forget the time and rush for a moment

Product Features


Reliability Through Innovations

Water level is measured in clean water , in a separate measuring cup to prevent problems caused by water impurities. A sediment cup collects water impurities that fall on the bottom of the water container.

Easy to Use, Easy Maintenance

Stylish touch-screen control panel. Basic maintenance – sediment cup emptying and checking the water level sensor – can be done without opening the cover of the unit.

Compact Design

Harvia HGX can be installed in a low space, i.e. on top of the steam cabin. The Steam and water connections are on the side of the unit.

Multidrive Option

Up to three HGX 11L extra power units can be linked with a basic steam generator to be controlled with the same control panel.

Stylish Touchscreen Control Panel

The steam generator is controlled by a separate touch screen control panel commanding steam generator (temperature, on-time/delayed start), fragrance pump, lighting, and fan.

How it works

Harvia HGX is a reliable solution for spas, providing perfect moments of indulgence for your customers. 
Harvia HGX Installation
  • Control Panel
  • Temperature sensor
  • Steam pipe
  • Steam Nozzle
  • Water supply pipe
  • Water supply pipe valve
  • Discharge water pipe
  • Discharge valve
  • Floor drain
  • Overpressure valve
  • Connection cable
  • Fragance pump (optional)

Demo Video

Technical Data

Specification  HGX2 HGX45 HGX60 HGX90 HGX11 HGX15
Power (kW) 2.2 4.5 5.7 9.0 10.8 15.0
Room Size 2-4 2-6 3-9 7.5-14 12-17 14-23
Steam Capacity (kg/h) 2.0 5.5 7.6 12.0 14.6 20.1
Dimensions (d x w x h) 15 x 53 x 23 cm 15 x 53 x 23 cm 15 x 53 x 23 cm 15 x 53 x 23 cm 15 x 53 x 23 cm 15 x 53 x 23 cm
230V  1N 3 x 15 sq.mm 10A 3.6 sq.mm 25A 3.6 sq.mm 25A - - -
440V 3N - 5 x 1.5 sq.mm
3 x 10 A
5 x 1.5 sq.mm
3 x 10 A
5 x 2.5 sq.mm
3 x 16 A
5 x 2.5 sq.mm
3 x 16 A
5 x 6 sq.mm 3 x 25 A

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